Christmas’ Devil

    As soon as the month of the December comes, everyone gets ready for Christmas. Everyone is very excited about Christmas from child to old age.  Especially children, day by day, they just think about the sweet dreams of Santa Clause and gifts received from him, At the same time, a scary mannequin comes secretly and takes them away.Children are running on the streets and the Demon is chasing them.  Eventually, he catches the most devilish child and people start clapping.
                 Yes, in many countries like Germany and Austria, two weeks before Christmas, a unique festival is celebrated, called Krampsknight or Krampsnacht.  Like Santa Clause, Kramps is also a fictional character.  Bullying children are intimidated by saying that they will come and pick them up.  It is part of the traditional Christmas in most of the Western countries.
                     According to a folklore in Austria, Santa Clause gives gifts to good children but to punish naughty children he gives them to Kramps. The form of Kramps is very scary.  His head is made like a monster with a goat shape with long horns. sharp teeth like a blood drinkers and a long tongue. He has scary masks in the form of sheep, cow, goat, buffalo etc. on his waist.  Some of these mannequins also have fire coming out of their eyes.
              Kramps is part of the folklore of Alpine countries.  The festival began to be celebrated from the 17th century nd still continues.  Kramps goes home to home with the parade of Saint Nicholas on the evening of 5 December.  Although it is a celebrated in the first week of December, but in many countries it is also celebrated in the middle of December.  With its splendor, this demon has now reached many cities in Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Italy as well.  Its name changes over time and space.


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